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Mr Dale Blythman

Principal's message

At Park Ridge Primary School, we take great pride in cultivating a friendly and supportive learning environment that places a strong emphasis on high-quality teaching and learning, fostering positive relationships within the school community, and promoting student well-being. As a school community, we are proud of our distinguished accomplishments and traditions in student learning across all curriculum areas, particularly in English and Mathematics. We offer a diverse and dynamic range of programs that cater to the individual needs of each child, ensuring that they reach their full potential.
To promote student responsibility and motivation we work to ensure that the learning environment at our school is safe, supportive, challenging and engaging. We provide an environment that fosters inquiry, questioning, and experimentation; one that recognises and caters for individual learning styles and encourages students to take responsibility for their learning and their achievements.
Our staff, teaching and non-teaching, continues to show commitment and dedication to the school’s vision and goals, and to the students in their care. Collaborative team planning by teaching staff, supported by the provision of a team planning day per term for level and specialist teams ensures programs that are differentiated for specific learning needs, and foster thinking, inquiry and striving for personal best and improvement. Non-teaching staff including the office administration team, integration aides and maintenance staff, provide an exceptional level of support to students, staff and their families. Park Ridge Primary School is fortunate in having such a strong and cohesive team.
Our current specialist programs include Physical Education, Performing Arts, Visual Arts, and Indonesian as a Language other than English LOTE. Our learning programs are designed to cater to all student learning needs and provide personalised learning experiences for each student at their individual level.
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“I love school because we get to learn lots of new things, like lots of sounds. And I get to read lots of books and write lots of stories”



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“I love all the teachers at Park Ridge Primary School and playing sport. My favourite thing about school is guided reading with my teacher”



“We love the community culture at Park Ridge Primary School and that everyone in the school acknowledges you by name. Both my children have had great experiences including being selected as school leaders. The school has always supported them to reach their full potential.  We applaud the school’s innovation and creativity and how they apply that to learning”.



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